Wild West Trail Rides

Best Trailrides !

On the rides watch for the many birds including the cactus wren, morning dove, red tailed hawk, great road runner, rosy face lovebird, black phoebe, hooded Oreo, house finch, yellow warbler, barn owl, red tailed hawk, curved bill thrasher, black-chinned humming bird, hello pumped warbler, hooded oriole, gold finch,  There are 562 birds that live in Arizona so we can't list them all but this ride is definitely a bird Mecca.

We are open from October to April every year.  Then we go up to the mountains to be cool in the summer at http://www.KohlsRanchstables.com.   http://www.arizonatrailriding.com   

Call Jo for Booking your ride and any questions:  602-316-3360

Kohls Ranch Stables is open in the Summer - May - October - $95 per Ride

Wild West Trail Rides is open during the Winter - November - April - $85 per Ride

Plus Tax, Credit Card Fee and Tip